Florida [still] needs Grady Judd for U.S. Senate

Polk County (Fla.) Sheriff Grady Judd (R) is known to residents of Florida’s I-4 corridor as a no-nonsense law enforcement officer who knows how to identify a problem, take aim at it, and put the bad guys in jail. He’s a lot like Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio minus the overdose of Viagra.

Judd is Florida’s version of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio — minus the overdose of Viagra

(This column was originally posted on December 21 of last year. Four months later, the message still applies. When will a serious candidate emerge in the Fla. U.S. Senate race? We’ve got to demand better than the current crop of candidates or we’re doomed with 6 more years of Bill Nelson. Candidate updates in red.)

By Chris Ingram

Polk County (Fla.) Sheriff Grady Judd (R) is known to residents of Florida’s I-4 corridor as a no-nonsense law enforcement officer who knows how to identify a problem, take aim at it, and put the bad guys in jail.  He’s a lot like Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio minus the overdose of Viagra.

Photo: Sheriff Grady Judd

Judd’s performance in office in just the last few months includes going after pedophiles, pimps and prostitutes, fake pot, pain clinics, and purse snatchers.

The man knows how to get things done.

Now put Grady Judd aside for a moment and consider the likely Republican candidates for Florida’s U.S. Senate race in 2012 – the seat that is currently held by Bill “do-nothing” Nelson (D).

State Senate President Mike Haridopolos – If you want to know what a political empty suit looks like in post-Charlie Crist Florida look no further than Haridopolos. He may be a college professor, but intellectually stimulating he is not. Just consider the first paragraph of his bio on his official website. This is what it says:

“Over the years, some have guessed that a Haridopolos is some species of sea turtle or dinosaur. But Haridopolos actually refers to history professor and Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos.”

I’m dead serious. That is the first line of the bio of the incoming Senate President of the fourth largest state in our union.  Check it out for yourself and see. This guy is an idiot. (Update: Haridopolos called me last month and we made nice with each other. Still, I argue his qualifications are thinner than the walls at the Motel 6 and we can do better).

Former (appointed) U.S. Sen.George LeMieux – The mastermind behind Charlie Crist’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign also served as Crist’s chief of staff and was later appointed to the last two years of Mel Martinez’s Senate seat by his friend and mentor Crist. But when the going got tough for Charlie and he dumped the GOP, LeMieux stayed true to the party. But he’ll have a hard time running from his famous comment “I am a Charlie Crist Republican.” Like Haridopolos, LeMieux is another political ladder-climber who knows little outside of politics and nothing about the real world. (Update: if you’re not sure what a CCR is, consider Peter Rummell is supporting Alvin Brown, the liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville. Rummell is also a big supporter of LeMieux’s).

Connie Mack IV — Similar to Haridoplos and LiMieux, Mack’s resume is a little thin. His official bio lists all the great things he’s done as a politician. The same bio has a one-sentence paragraph about his experience as a business executive and marketing consultant for three weeks before he was elected to his daddy’s old congressional seat. At least Haridopolos got elected on his own name, not that of his old man’s. (Update: last month Mack announced he will not run).

Mike McCallister – Not much is known about the man who got 10 percent in the Republican Primary for governor this year, but McCalister can’t be ignored – at least not yet. He’s a military man with a PhD and claims to have all the experience people like Mack and Haridopolos lack. McCalister’s biggest problem is himself. Specifically, his lack of understanding of the political system and how important money, fundraising, and media are to a successful campaign. His CV reads like the appendix to the worst textbook you ever read (Update: even worse than Haridopolos’).

So there’s a short take on some of the likely or potential candidates for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate. If any of these guys inspire you, look no further than your own mirror to understand what the hell is wrong with America. These guys (Mack, LeMieux, and Haridopolos) are not leaders, they’re opportunists who will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected. McCalister is delusional.

Now back to Grady Judd. He’s a man of accomplishment. He’s the sheriff of Polk County (one of the larger counties in Florida). He got himself there through hard work and determination. According to his bio, Judd started out as a lowly dispatcher with the agency in 1972. He has his Masters degree and is a graduate of the FBI Academy. He was elected sheriff in 2004 with 64 percent of the vote in a three-man race.

Since I’ve dinged others for their lack of private sector experience, Judd gets that ding too. But what he lacks in private sector work he makes up for in leadership, managing a multi-million dollar budget, and overseeing a department of over 1,000 employees.

Another ding on Judd is he  is something of a shameless self-promoter/media whore. But to that I am reminded of an old man who was a family friend when I was a boy who used to say, “If you can’t brag about the frogs on your own pond, nobody else will.”  Besides, Judd’s self-promotion is so good it comes across as though he’s doing it all for you and not just to get his face on TV. Oh, and did I mention he’s never been mistaken for a turtle?

And more importantly, did I mention bad guys hate Grady Judd? People in Washington are mostly bad guys. They’ll hate him too. You know, for calling them on all their B.S. and expecting them to follow the law, be ethical, and stuff like that.

Judd is exactly the type of guy we need in Washington, D.C.

We’ve got enough lawyers, career politicians and dimwits with questionable ethics.

Imagine Grady Judd being in the U.S. Senate.

Now suppose Barbara Walters interviews him about the state of affairs in America.

Walters: Senator Judd, what is wrong with America today?

Judd*: Barbara, it’s really very simple. We keep electing people to represent us who don’t have any vision for America’s future or long-term prosperity. They’re all more interested in getting re-elected than they are about securing a brighter future for our kids and grandkids. They should be locked up for treason not re-elected to office.

Walters: What about China? What should we do about America’s growing debt to China, the trade imbalance, and China’s military buildup?

Judd*: Barbara, this one is also really simple. All we’ve got to do is quit buying all this crap they [the Chinese] make and sell at Wal-Mart for about six months and China will all but disappear.  We should have a moratorium on Chinese product sales and should lock up any American company’s CEO who sends another manufacturing job to China – or Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter. But we’ve also got to lock up the Democrats who pass the laws, regulations, and tax increases that make doing business in America so expensive and uncompetitive. And the union bosses are running the companies their members work for into the ground too. We should lock them up too. Have you ever met a poor union boss? They practically steal from their members and keep up this charade about working for their interests. Where I come from we call that a crock of you-know-what.

Walters: What do you think about Castro and the Cuban embargo?

Judd*: U.S. politicans have been pandering to a small but vocal Cuban community to support the embargo. It’s been fifty some-odd years and Castro is still there. Wake up folks the embargo doesn’t work. We should open up trade to Cuba and show the Cuban people what freedom means. Castro is down there in Havana laughing at us. It’s been a collosal failure for so long, he’s now wearing an adult diaper and doesn’t know what time of day it is, but he’s still laughing at us. We should go down there and get him and lock him up. If I had been at the Bay of Pigs we would’ve take his a*# on the first day!

Walters: What would you like to say to President Obama about his healthcare legislation?

Judd*: Who in the hell is going to pay for all this crap? We’re $14 trillion in debt and you want to add another entitlement program? What have you been smokin’ dude? We ought to lock Obama up for being a real snake-oil salesman and mortgaging our children’s futures.

(*) These answers are of course made-up by me and don’t necessarily represent the views of Grady Judd — but they probably do.

Anyhow, you see how this would go. Grady Judd calls it like he sees it.

He’s just what Florida needs in the U.S. Senate.

I have taken the liberty of jump-starting his campaign for him by securing the URL JuddforUSSenate.com, which I will happily transfer to him for free if he decides to run. I also have the URL HaridopolosforUSSenate.com which I purchased for $7.97 last week. That one isn’t for sale, though I’d give it to Grady Judd’s campaign if they wanted it.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com.

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31 thoughts on “Florida [still] needs Grady Judd for U.S. Senate”

  1. I’m not into much of what you write, but that’s why I like getting your articles for a different view point….however, I agree with this one! I don’t think the Senate would know what to do with someone like Grady Judd in the chamber…I know one thing for sure, the people’s bsuiness would be conducted not the nonsense that has been going on for decades!


  2. You’ve got a real sense of humor (and disdain for Rubio) — loved the link in your article: lawyers, career politicians and dimwits with questionable ethics.


  3. I like Grady a lot. The bad guys in Polk fear him. The politically correct wimps on Capitol Hill will fear him to.
    I hope he runs! Keep pushing him Chris.


  4. Kinda like sending Wyatt Earp to “The Hill” to clean things up.
    Damn, I get more excited the more I think about it. He even has a great name…sounds like a gun slinger.


  5. Grady Judd…..lets shoot them so we don’t have to try them or jail them or convict them or feed them or give them civil rights or let them go on parole or ……

    Oh my is this being viewed by someone associated with the government…..

    Oh my I am not sure my freedom of speech might not be at risk…..

    Oh my what how do I hide from the government that I fear…..

    Oh yeah….they will not come for me….or you….or your family….or your friends….or you jewish friends…..or your…….is that someone at the door….got to go!


  6. lucy…we tried it your way. Ya know..the liberal, bleeding heart thing. It didn’t take. Our cities are overrun with crime and our government is corrupt.


  7. lets see you tried to allow people to have a constitutional right to protection against a corrupt governement? You by your own admission agree the government is corrupt and yet you think encouraging power to a sheriff who may very well be in that corruption of government is a superior position? Why is that sheriff and all the others for that matter not taking down the corruption you have clearly pointed out? Why is the cities overrun with crime?

    The death penalty works well…but only after a fair trial of peers as outlined in the constitution.

    You seem to have missed the point….you have never obviously been either a victim, an object of a judge who was looking for a win win to make every one happy or where the authorities used your loss to their gain and where you were a secondary victim to the system that has currently very little ability to be blind, fair or reasonable to the victim.

    Stand afar and let out your cry for more police measures…the result is less freedom. You obviously have never seen any third world police activity. Its exactly what you are wanting here.


  8. Sheriff Grady Judd….hmmm! While I agree the pervert he has brought to his jail should be behind bars, our First Amendment allows certain rights. This time he has crossed over that boundary.
    Think about it next time it might be something that you write that he does not like and Polk County is very close to Hillsborough County.
    As for your China comment, I must add this remark. Did you ever think what those Chinese workers are thinking when they are making some of this crap that we never really need but can afford to buy at the dollar store. I mean those whoopee cushions, the Zuu Zuu pets, etc.


  9. Hey Chris,

    I say a big “AMEN!” to your great idea about Grady Judd (Jr.)

    A tidbit about him and his family:
    Many years ago (early 60s) I lived in Lakeland and attended Crystal Lake Baptist Church. I was about 11 years old when the church needed an organ player. So Grady’s father, Grady Judd Sr., was the choir director and latched onto me to be the new organist (they were kinda desparate.) He was so kind and patient. I especially remember him taking me to play the piano for the old carpenters at the Carpenter’s Home on Sunday afternoons when he held a service of sorts for them. …and to a few funerals when he would need somebody to accompany him when he sang “When They Ring Those Golden Bells”….well that was Grady Sr. ….Grady Jr. (the incipient sheriff) was just a little freckled faced skinny boy running around. His mother taught my Sunday School class. She was a good one, too. Grady Jr. comes from good people.

    Who knew that little skinny kid would grow up to be the Scourge of Scofflaws of all Imperial Polk County?

    Big Grady would be so proud. BTW, Grady Sr. was exactly the opposite of his son..he was very quiet, low key, shy even. Not exactly like the media savvy Sheriff.

    Suggest you approach Grady with your pipedream…who knows what could come of it? I would hope people are ready for some new blood…but then again…they keep electing these turkeys. They all need to be put in jail.

    Merry Christmas and God bless.

    Marcella O’Steen


  10. I agree with Eric: Grady Judd is a law enforcement rock star! I wish others in public offices had the aggressive attitude that Sheriff Judd displays toward his elected duties.


  11. Gee Chris, did you forget all about the First Amendment? That guy might be a pervert, but he does have the right to free speech. Do you really want the GOVERNMENT to decide what gets printed and what doesn’t? You could be next…


  12. Rah, rah, rah, go Judd!


    The real point here to me isn’t that Judd is the man, but that these other candidates absolutely suck!


  13. So…..the sum of the comments are:

    1. JUDD is a rock star
    2. JUDD is a great guy because he is really tuff and goes on air.
    3. JUDD is different than other politicos
    4. JUDD is a violator of peoples civil liberties
    5. JUDD should be overlooked for his flaws

    The summary that concerns me most is that we should overlook someone who is flagrant about violating the right of people he is paid to protect…including their civil rights.


  14. If Grady is on board with the principles espoused by Sheriff Richard Mack, then he is certainly deserving of strong consideration. We dont need yet another senator who has no clue of the constitution. We have two right now for at least the next two years.


  15. Its amazing in todays time that a Sheriff of Grady’s standard as being exhalted here on this site is not once questioned over his statment of “we are going to get him” on live TV about a minority arrestee who never got an opportunity for arrest, trial by jury, or a conviction by his peers. If he had been taken into custody instead of taken into a body bag his civil liberties would not have been violated. If the arrestee was simply waited out, he could have been taken into custody and every one would know that Grady got him. As it is Grady got him dead. The joke now is if a crime from another county happened in Polk County, they would just grady him. Is the civility that our leaders portray, representative of our individual level of civility?
    He is paid to protect the rights and priviledges of everyone in the county.


  16. Grady Judd: “We are going to get him,” is a statement that could be reworded to say, “We are going to capture him”. So, while pursuing a violent felon, suspected of killing, known to be armed, his deputies found the suspect. Suspect then raised his weapong to fire at deputies and deputies responded as trained…fire until threat is diminished. With several deputies doing this at the same time, many shots were fired. Suspect subsequently deceased.
    Had suspect not posed a threat to a bunch of cops trained to defend themselves against such things, suspect would have been taken into custody. Suspect chose to fight. Suspect was dealt with in a manner consistant with standards.
    So tell me Lucy, how did Judd violate that man’s rights? Shoudl he have ordered his deputies to stand there and get shot at?


  17. Scott

    The reality was that capturing him for trial is the job of the sheriff and his deputies. They are paid to do that. They are not a volunteer group. Death by Cop or Death by Grady is not the role of the sheriff. I am not opposed to killing a criminal who has been tried and convicted according to the law and with a jury of peers. We were told that he resisted and that he fought back….where is the video. The government can shoot red light video and not that of the most significant manhunt in the history of Imperial Polk County with 200 plus men. It was such a manhunt that Texas Cattle Company had to feed them all after the hunt. I though clearly understand that the judge jury and executioner in this circumstance was not at all what the constition intends with respect to liberty and justice for all. What you are suggesting is the same as if G BUSH had simply turned every portion of the world that was a terrorist stronghold into radioactive sand following 911. This all smacks of contradicting our constituition and the intent of the judeo Christian scpriptures that allowed our country to be founded.


  18. The bad guy fired first….what part of that can’t you understand? The deputies were in a wooded area looking for him and he fired first…they fired back to defend themselves.
    Are you THAT thick headed that you can’t understand that?


  19. Yes, Grady Judd is known to folks along the I-4 corridor, as a self-serving blowhard and publicity seeker. This guy makes Donald Trump look like a stateman.

    If you wish to make Florida more of a national laughingstock than it already is, Grady is your man. (Not that the corrupt Hairydofulus or any of the other R candidates are much better). I’d love to see Krauthammer get ahold of this guy.

    Rightly or wrongly, the Republicans seem to have the ducks on the pond for 2012. Yet neither in the Presidential race nor the Florida Senate race do they seem capable of putting forth a viable candidate.

    Sometimes it’s hard to think of this website as serious.


  20. Can’t we just find one “successful (Conservative) Republican businessman” [with hair and a masculine voice] to answer the call…? *SIGH* Apparently not. It appears we’re a team without any good, fresh players to put in the game! Nelson can be beat, but none of the hucksters can pull it off.


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