Billie Tucker’s whining little e-mail

Unedited e-mail Billie Tucker, the grand poo-pah of the First Coast Tea Party sent out to her “boots on the ground.”

Unedited e-mail Billie Tucker, the grand poo-pah of the First Coast Tea Party sent out to her “boots on the ground.”

From: Billie Tucker <billie@REDACTED>
To: sons-of-libertyfl <sons-of-libertyfl@REDACTED>
Sent: Fri, May 20, 2011 7:31 am
Subject: RE: [SnDL] Why Jacksonville matters

The list of losers in the TU included the GOP, Rick Scott and Billie Tucker. 

This is their strategy and let me tell you all something – the GOP sucked at helping in our local election.  When it all came down to standing up to the thugs and demanding a recount – the GOP lawyers wimped and said we didn’t have a leg to stand on.  They didn’t have the money to pay for it! 

They didn’t ask to see the right stuff and when I called our Supervisor of Elections office and spent 2 hours with him- I asked the right questions and ladies & gentlemen – he told me “they didn’t ask these questions.”  Had they asked them, the day of the recount would have been different.

Four GOP lawyers couldn’t figure it out.

No worries – we are not letting this go.  We have a plan and I’ll be back to you on that later.

But the reality is this – if the GOP doesn’t grow some ‘you-know-whats’ for 2012 – we are going to be calling Obama President again.  The left plays dirty and they are smarter than us.  Period.  The right needs to understand how to play like they do. 

Here’s a gotcha moment.  I stood among 6 GOP big shots on election night (Jeff Atwater was one of them).  We were talking about the strategy the left used.  I mentioned it was the Alinsky method and not ONE of them knew what I was talking about.  They had never heard of Alinsky or his methods.  I was in shock. 

The tea party understands what is going on and we have no money and we have boots on the ground.

The GOP has the money, the prestige and the power.  They couldn’t get the boots on the ground (we had more from our tea party than they did) and they didn’t know what to do other than walk precincts, make calls and hold a few signs.  The walkers in the precincts were more than half tea party members too.

So this is what we have.  A big GOP establishment with the power and position.  They get the money from big donors. 

We have the boots and the wisdom of how to fight the left (we are still learning however). 

We have some choices:

  • Continue to work apart and end up like we did in Jacksonville
  • Educate the GOP with grassroots wisdom (if they will let us)
  • Take over the GOP ­– that’s another story
  • Shut down the tea party, hunker down at home and wait for the hammer to fall in 2012.

 I’m not sure what to do.  Would love your thoughts,



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3 thoughts on “Billie Tucker’s whining little e-mail”

  1. haha this is hilarious! I met Billie right before the election while she was filming a Youtube video for Rick Scott. I think she’s suffering from an inflated ego like so many other people around me. The Tea Party Movement happened and it gave a lot of us the chance to be productive in ways we didn’t know before. Lots of people took it as a credit to their own abilities as opposed to being at the right place in the right time of history. Now they sit back and want to command others instead of doing what gave them a tiny bit of name recognition in their county…which was getting of their butts and doing something.


  2. I confronted her and asked her to discuss and debate issues and concerns and the door stays closed. I think what Tea Party types want is fine, a safe, good happy society, but that they are clouded by Ayn Rand and Plutocracy, and don’t have the open mind to be pragmatic or reasoned.
    Tucker only rants at me, and I think my real American values are much more solid than hers. If she reads this I challenge her again to discuss and debate any issues….
    Their facebook is First Coast Tea Party just in case anyone wants to ask her why they and she will not join me in discussions….


  3. Like most hardworking Americans, Billie is frustrated in the direction she sees our great Country headed . She is not a polished politician and will stub a toe every now and then. As we have observed with snip-it’s from seasoned politicians including a politicallly polished President who did not know how many states were in the US, it can happen to the best of them. What you will find out about Billie is that she is passionate about helping put our Country back on course for the people and by the people. Let’s all face it, do you really think the egotistical figureheads for either major party real care about us all atthe bottom rungs of the ladder or are we just a means for them to climb to the top. And could a normal household operate like our Country is operating now with the heads of the household fighting each other pulling in opposite directions, spending tons of money that we don’t have and are having to borrow to just operate? What about borrowing money from China and then sending it to Pakistan or other countries hostile to us or groups wanting to change our American way of thinking. I personally think we, need to come together as a whole. It should be okay to have a differing opinion and we are respectfully hammering out ideas and coming up with real solutions that are productive and beneficial as a whole to our Country while not taking away our freedoms or our founding principles. Remember Billie is just one of us little people and not a wealthy seasoned politician, and she heads up a group of citizens who want their voices to be heard because it seems like neither side is listening. Will she make mistakes or waves? You bet. Will she suppor a candidate or 2 you don’t like? Probably but realize it is slm pickings across the board for all parties because a real person who might be able to make a differnce would be attacked so much by both well established political machines not wanting to release money, control, or power. When regular, ordinary citizens get tired of being played like a fiddle, things will change.


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