Earth to Rush Limbaugh: IRS refuses to prosecute fraudulent tax-return scammers

(Tampa, Fla.) — You may have never heard of “Green dot prepaid debit cards” but they are commonly used by scammers to receive fraudulent IRS refunds, authorities say.

Service won’t prosectute unless theft is over $50K — but will fight honest taxpayers over $100.00

Irreverent View EXCLUSIVE By Chris Ingram

(Tampa, Fla.) — You may have never heard of “Green dot prepaid debit cards,” but they are commonly used by scammers to receive fraudulent IRS refunds, authorities say.

This week the Tampa Tribune  and the St. Pete Times reported on one such scammer.

On Friday (9/2), Bay-area  law enforcement will be holding a press conference about the problem.

The real issue with this scam is not that scammers are stealing money and the identities of innocent victims as the Tribune and Times reported. No, the real crime is our own government. Specifically the IRS.

Here’s how the scam works – and why the IRS is the real problem:

First, a criminal files a fraudulent tax return using stolen identities. As part of his fraudulent return, he selects to receive his refund in the form of a pre-loaded debit card provided by a company called Green Dot under a contract it has with the federal government to provide such services. (I didn’t even know receiving a refund this way was an option – it surely seems ripe for wrong).

Next, the IRS (a division of the Treasury Department which is administered by the Obama administration) processes your tax return (which it doesn’t know is fraudulent – we hope) and sends you your Green Dot debit card – fully loaded  ready for you to spend as you see fit.

Finally, the criminal gets his illegally-gained Green Dot card and goes to town shopping on the taxpayer’s dime. (Remember, the tax return was fraudulent filed through the theft of another person’s identity).

Since the IRS negligently sends the criminal the tax refund on a mostly untraceable debit card, catching the bad guys is really hard.

But here’s the really bad part of this story.

Sit down.

Pick up your coffee – think about adding a shot of Bailey’s to it.

If you smoke, light one up.

Go ahead and kick your dog.

You are about to be really ticked off.

Despite the difficulty tracking the scammers, law enforcement officials across the country are “on” to this scam and have busted tens of thousands of scammers and their organized crime rings.

Here in Tampa Bay, local law enforcement is well-aware of the problem.

But guess what? The scammers are going free, unprosecuted. Not only that, they know they won’t be prosecuted and that when they are arrested they will be set free to go out and continue to run the scam. They know they’ll get away with it so long as they play by the IRS’ rules.

And what are the rules?

Scammers know not to get greedy. That is, don’t seek a fraudulent tax-return in excess of $50,000, for that’s the IRS’ unwritten threshold for prosecution.


The pencil-pushing losers at the IRS are fully aware of this problem, yet when the Postal Inspection Service, the U.S. Attorney’s office, or your local police department come across this crime and seek to prosecute the evil-doers, their hands are tied until the IRS gives its blessing to prosecute. You see, Congress has sought fit to give the Treasury Department the authority to “green light” prosecutions of this type. As such, the genuises at Treasury and the IRS refuse to prosecute anyone arrested for this crime unless the total amount they have ripped off the taxpayers is in excess of $50,000. (Side note: with this kind of logic, you now know why all the CEO’s of the nation’s corrupt banks aren’t in jail).

Ok, so you’re sitting there reading this going, “What??? I can’t believe this is happening in AMERICA! How can this happen?”

The answer is: it’s Congress stupid. Democrats and Republicans alike. They gave us this mess. They gave us Obama-care. They gave us the complicated tax code. They gave us the Dept. of Education that doesn’t educate a single child but spends billions of dollars.

Alas, I digress…

Back to the subject, let’s recap for a moment: bad guys steal identities; bad guys get caught ripping off d taxpayers; law enforcement needs IRS’ blessing to prosecute bad guys; IRS refuses unless bad guys steal at least $50K; scammers go free and continue to defraud taxpayers at will; government sends message that taxpayers who follow the rules are SUCKERS!

Oh, did I mention the government is $14 Trillion in debt and always looking for new ways for honest, hardworking Americans to foot the bill for Washington’s largess and stupidity?

Now I don’t know about you, but I worry about whether or not I have every single receipt for the business deductions I file for my tax returns. My deductions probably amount to less than a couple grand in tax savings. But I know (or think I know) that if I screw up, some pencil-pushing IRS agent with a pocket-protector and a badge may show up and make my life miserable over nothing. So I work real hard getting it right and spend lots of time and money making sure I comply according to the law. My accountant has a nice Jaguar to show for it.

Meanwhile, across town some guy is scamming people’s identities and ripping off the taxpayers while living in public housing, laughing at the IRS, and driving an $80,000 SUV. He may get arrested for his crimes, but the IRS won’t do anything about it because the scam isn’t enough money to warrant prosecution.

All I can figure is I’m in the wrong business being an honest taxpaying sucker. Where’s my Green Dot card for $49,999?

Hey, for that matter, where’s yours? Ahw, who cares…it’s all Monopoly money anyway — and it is no wonder the government doesn’t care about the legacy it is leaving our children. But don’t forget, we elect these people, so really, we’re to blame.

Seriously now, get mad people. Your government (the people you elected) isn’t working for you. But it surely seems to be working for all I can gather must be a bunch of Obama voters. Why else would the administration and the IRS turn a blind eye to this blatant violation of the law?

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him


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10 thoughts on “Earth to Rush Limbaugh: IRS refuses to prosecute fraudulent tax-return scammers”

  1. The government today is out of control, especially the federal government.

    What is really needed is an alternative to the IRS which would prosecute government officials who waste tax dollars as aggressively as the IRS goes after the people who pay taxes.


  2. Chris this is a great report, fraudulent tax-returns are the third largest scams in the country, yes and you guessed it, only after pill mills-prescription drugs and pip fraud! With the largest concentration in the country, right here in florida.Mr Ober’s Office has a new task force to help deal with this problem, but the IRS is a Governmental entity and does not have to answer to any subpoenas. Again Chris, great job


  3. Thanks for making light of this, Chris. I will share it with others. But please don’t think that only Obama is to blame. From what I’ve seen the 18 months there’s plenty of childish foolishness in DC to go around.
    I am praying for the day that we can once again proudly say we are “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”. It’s time for the back-stabbing to cease and for all of our leaders, President and Congress included, to work for the good of the whole country…who btw, elected them to do so.


  4. All the signs of a sinking ship. When the balance tips (and it’s getting close now)the majority of us will just buy anything on credit and quit paying any bills/mortgages as inflation of 50% to 100% kicks in (2013,14,15). Dollar will become worth less (worthless) and debt collection will soar out of control along with swamping the “legal” banking system. A majority could become squatters in their homes with dysfunctional banks and government unable to cope.Don’t believe me? Reread the story above.
    What to do? CYA. You are totally on your own,hopefully there is Freedom after the collapse.Up to You.


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