Christie to announce intentions Sunday

First lady of New Jersey Mary Pat Christie has heretofore poo-pooed the idea of the governor becoming a candidate for president. She and her husband have both repeatedly stated that the interests of their young children have put national ambitions on the back burner.

In reversal, source tells Irreverent View he is “less certain than ever” of governor’s intentions

By Chris Ingram

Speculation about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie entering the Republican presidential race has run rampant for weeks, but one thing more than any other suggests that the candidate has had a change of heart: his wife.

Photo: Governor Chris Christie

First lady of New Jersey Mary Pat Christie has heretofore poo-pooed the idea of the governor becoming a candidate for president. She and her husband have both repeatedly stated that the interests of their young children have put national ambitions on the back burner.

But Mrs. Christie has apparently started to reconsider. A source close to the Christies was recently quoted in the New York Post as saying, “She is willing to tolerate the campaign for the end result of her husband moving into the Oval Office.’’  This is an about-face from previous statements she has made that were emphatic in nature about the need to put the children’s interests ahead of all things political.

Another source close to the family told me today, “I am as uncertain as I have ever been about what the governor is going to do.”  The same source last month told me with some certainty that he did not believe the governor was going to run for president, citing the all too familiar family concerns.

Governor Christie, who was somewhat of an accidental governor as a Republican in a heavily Democratic state, won election in a three-way race. Prospects for his reelection as governor are slim, given that he has angered hard-core Democrats; being the spoiler in another three-way race is unlikely.

But Christie’s no-nonsense approach and call it like he sees it style would have tremendous appeal to Republican voters who appear to be souring to the poll-tested positions given by perceived front runners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

Following Herman Cain’s Florida straw poll victory last week, voter discontent with the status quo is apparent. But most political observers (including yours truly) don’t believe Cain can win the nomination. The question is, will Christie jump on the opportunity and give the GOP hope in November?

My bet is Christie gets in the race and turns the presidential race on its head.


Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him

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13 thoughts on “Christie to announce intentions Sunday”

  1. Christie has the straight-talking style I want! We need a president who isnt afraid to be honest. Youre right that Cain is like this but I dont think he can win either. Christies straight talk will appeal to Republicans AND Democrats in November that is the prize we Republicans need to focus on.
    Go Christie!


  2. After the last presidential election cycle when McCain came out of nowhere to grab the nomination, anything is possible. I like Herman Cain, I also like Chris Christie. Heck I like most of the candidates. I do not agree 100% with all of them but no many people will agree 100% will all of them.

    As far as a Christie/Rubio ticket Ron (it appears you were kidding), let’s let Rubio tackle his current posting first. he is still young and can run later. Do not get me wrong I like Marco Rubio and even voted for him. We will just leave it a that for now.


  3. While I line up with him philospohically quite a bit, he has no business running for POTUS right now. All the GOP has done is bash Obama for being too inexperienced to be POTUS since he was a Senator for about 20 minutes before he decided to run. CC has the same problem. Most of the US is too weak to swallow the self-accountability message that he will deliver. I hate to say that his weight will be an issue, but it will be. As a fellow fat guy who is about CC’s size, I know that he will not be able to handle the physical rigors of the campaign, let alone the office. The current GOP field sucks, and since I am a Libertarian, I guess I don’t really have a dog in the hunt since the GOP is too spineless and hypocritical to back Dr. Paul.


  4. OK So Christie is fat, big deal! Obama is a smoker. They both need to take better care of themselves. And who doesn’t have something they need to improve? The only difference with Christie’s “problem” is that he cannot hide his.

    I like what I have seen of him and will give him a look if he gets in the race. Perry and Romney — no thanks.


  5. Do we really need another person in the race to muddy the waters of selection even more? Does Christie add anything to the mix that the other do not already have? No. Just Say No.


  6. I swear the GOP has become like an episode from Family Guy. The spotlight falls on one guy, the crowd follows him. Then the spotlight moves to another person, they follow that person. Romney then Perry then Cain then Christie then . . . .


  7. Scott and I LOVE this guy, but I think the teachers in NJ would rather team up with the Sopranos to end this thing than see him re-elected. He’s been awesome, Chris, and we’d be so happy to see him enter the race.

    Never “unsubscribed” to you, Chris, but the FLA stuff usually just got deleted. Had been anxiously awaiting your return to the national commentary and read every word when you do!

    I’ll be down in FLA in November – will get in touch with Amy on dates – would love to do a family deal with the 9 of us.

    All the best, Jackie


  8. Listen…Christie has said OVER AND OVER in the clearest terms possible that he is NOT RUNNING…no way, no how. If NOW…he flip flops and jumps in then he will have shown himself to be a big liar and a flip flopper. One who jerks people around. I think he should stand by what he has said over and over.

    So…why can’t Cain win? I see no reason why he can’t unless people keep on repeating the mantra “cain can’t win, cain can’t win” until people believe it’s so. CAIN CAN WIN! CAIN CAN WIN!


  9. If Christie wins, we will need a new food Czar to keep him on his high carb diet. I hope he goes green on the toilet paper in the WH.


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