NRA suspends Bunting

Take Marion Hammer’s word for it. She’s known, and suffered through knowing this clown of a man far longer than anyone should have to endure. As the spokesman and lobbyist for the N.R.A. in Fla., she knows Bill Bunting all too well

Tabasco de Pasco Bunting gets his due

By Chris Ingram

He’s probably the biggest jerk I’ve ever known in my life. That would be one Bill “spent time in the joint” Bunting who is the biggest bully no one should ever be afraid of that I have ever met. I mean, I’ve seen 7 year-old school girls with more real machismo than this guy. Flick him in the forehead and he quivers. Yet for some reason, a lot of gun-packing wing-nuts are afraid of this loser.

Photo: Bunting

Still, despite the facts of the matter — that Bunting is a big wimp hiding behind his guns — he pulls off this “tough guy” image like Arnold Schwarzenneger (or however you spell his name). But unlike Arnold, “the Buntinator” is not likable, isn’t that tough, is a tremendous liar, and an all around south-end of a horse heading north.

Get the picture?

Photo: Bill Bunting

The guy isn’t on my Christmas card list to say the least. Next to Charlie Crist, there probably isn’t a political animal in the sunshine state who is a bigger phony/liar, and all around piece of, well, you know what, than Bill Bunting. Toilet paper anyone?

But don’t take my word for it. Heck, I’ve only known the guy for six years.

Take Marion Hammer’s word for it. She’s known, and suffered through knowing this clown of a man far longer than anyone should have to endure. As the spokesman and lobbyist for the N.R.A. in Fla., she knows Bill Bunting all too well.

Here is what she had to say about him regarding the N.R.A.’s suspending of his Firearms Instruction Certification:

“Bill Bunting’s NRA Firearms Instructors Certification has been suspended pending revokation for multiple violations, including issuing invalid training certificates to people he had ostensibly trained or claimed to have trained using NRA’s name.

The NRA prohibits the use of NRA’s name in connection with any firearms safety or training course or class that is not NRA approved.  Further, the NRA prohibits the use of any certificate bearing NRA’s name and or logo unless it is an NRA certificate for completion for an NRA approved course.

The only exception is that NRA allows instructors to use the title “NRA Certified Instructor” and their certification number, on a non-NRA course, ONLY if they have the very clear disclaimer, “This is not an NRA Approved Course” in print equal to or larger than the title of the course.

The issuing of invalid training certificates by Mr. Bunting apparently goes back a significant number of years.

Mr. Bunting has been notified of his suspension.”

Irreverent View thanks Ms. Hammer for her candor. Actually, she showed quite the restraint. We know what she really means to say is, Bill Bunting is an a**h***!  We agree.

At least now the public knows this a**h*** is not an N.R.A. certified instructor.

Thanks Marion for this tremendous public service.

Editor’s note: for the record, Marion Hammer and I have never spoken with one another until last week (I point this out because the Buntinator would otherwise attempt to suggest this was some sort of conspiracy — it isn’t). But we both see Bill Bunting for what he is, — an a****** — because that is exactly what he is. Bunting told countless lies in his letter to the The Tampa Tribune about both of us supporting Charlie Crist and other lies, and he knows they are lies (and I have evidence to prove it). In short, garbage collecting pieces of garbage like Bunting have to lie because the truth really hurts their efforts to portray themselves as some sort of hero — which Bunting can onlydream about being. The truth is, Bill Bunting is a big bully, and wimp, and anyone with an ounce of stones who will stand up to him will realize this. If you like this guy, you need your head examined — quickly!

Wake up Florida!

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at:

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11 thoughts on “NRA suspends Bunting”

  1. Bill Bunting is a perfect assh**e. He issued these certificates to Bondi, Putnam, Wil Weatherford and, I think, Marco Rubio. These politicians will be calling the Buntinator with legitimate questions about their credentials. My advice to these politicians. Leave their weapons at home.


  2. Chris .
    There are many A–H—S in our society and there are many affiliated with local goverments I have never met this dude
    Let me know about those numbers on those assessments on the city, we have a lot of the type of this dude working in the city.


  3. Gentleman, Gentlemen, can’t we all be friends? Mr. Bunting’s well known character flaws have proven to be a great asset in politics. After learning much from the conduct of the Department of Justice, Bill has developed his own Pasco County version of “Fast and Furious.” Think of how much safer the US-Mexico border would now be, if Eric Holder had just issued phony passports, stamped with NRA certifications, instead of giving real machine guns to Drug Lords.

    The Department of Homeland Security could then discredit the NRA, revoke the 2nd Amendment, just based on the paper trail, not the trail of blood and tears. All that brusqueness and bravado is masking a Machiavellian mind. I think that this must be the reason that Pam Bondi, Will Weatherford and Pam Bondi endorsed Bill Bunting.

    They know a winner when they can endorse a check.


  4. 2nd types always forget the other parts of the Constitution it seems. Most I have met, the real whack-types, never served in the military because of size, weight, criminal records, physical defects, etc. As Shakespeare said, they “hold their manhoods cheap”.


  5. The BEIPCINTN – Biggest Ego In Pasco County If Not The Nation – Bill Buntingnator.

    He and his erratic (kindest word I could think of) wife are a disparaging throwback to Tammany Hall politics, yet they prosper by bullying.

    The primary results evidence the disconnect between the unknowing electorate, the political signage and the hard working, honest, dedicated, knowledgeable Republicans who see this under-educated buffoon who is propped up by his wife’s demonizing letters and messages.

    I am told that they create havoc in their residential HOA with nasty confrontations and use of sycophants to prop up their version of community and have ruined the social life there.


  6. What the recent primary result sadly reveals is – – – the rank and file do not commit to party and cretins like Bill Bunting gain and use power. God help us. Pasco has a Queens NY “sanitation engineer” as their leader.


  7. I wish it had not taken so long for me to read your column, Chris. Just one question. I read it to my wife, and we are not sure how you feel about this Buntinegger guy. Best we can determine is you are of mixed feelings. But the photos were real nice. Even though you libel horses.

    I wish I had thought of this line, which I first read in a Trib column: you are a member of the Republican wing of the Republican Party. Spread the gospel, brother.


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