A Charlie Crist(mas)

A Charlie Crist(mas)

Democrat political consultant Kevin Cate, Bay News 9s Troy Kinsey (as Charlie Crist), and Chuckles the Clown (Charlie boy as himself) appear in this funny video “holiday card.” It’s pretty funny. Troy does a spot on impersonation of the tan man… One thing is clear, Mr. “for the people” Crist sure does like attention.

Here is the greeting from Cate’s website (followed by the link to watch the video): “We try to have a little fun for our holiday card to our friends and clients. Here is this year’s video featuring Governor Charlie Crist and Bay News 9/Central Florida 13 star political reporter, aka “Tallahassee’s Tina Fey,” Troy Kinsey. For every view, we will contribute $1 to Community Action Stops Abuse in St. Petersburg Florida. Please share on Facebook and Twitter.”

Here is the linkhttp://www.catecomm.com/2012/12/22/charlie-crist-mas-delivers-obama-gifts/

Nice job fellas! Tell too-tan Charlie I said hello.

And remember, you can’t spell Charlie without L-I-E. 


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