Grant’s grant troubles grant him the spotlight

Tampa’s WTSP 10 reporter Mike Deeson has took a thorough look at a state grant Grant received for $2.6 million to create jobs in Hardee County (his local constituents should be asking him “If you wanted to create jobs, why in Hardee County and not in your district’s counties?”). You be the judge as to whether or not what Grant did passes the smell test. My gut is, Grant and his cohorts knew this wasn’t a rabbit, it was a skunk.

Young State Representative Grant embroiled in another “grant” controversy (pardon the shameless puns)

By Chris Ingram

Youthful, and woefully inexperienced should have been enough to cause voters to pause when young Jamie Grant felt he was the best man for the job of state representative from Tampa. But voters are easily fooled — at least once.

However, the fact that before he even was elected he had questionable judgment and what looked like sweat-heart deals should have given them a clue that this skunk stinks. Unfortunately they didn’t, and Grant is now in the state legislature in Tallahassee — that bastion of ethics and good judgment of people who represent us.

For a little background on Grant, read what I wrote about him on October 13, 2010: Continue reading “Grant’s grant troubles grant him the spotlight”

Bathrooms and baseball

If Gries’ cries of altruism are true, I would suggest he start his philanthropy at Skyway Park — or most any other park in the county that is managed and maintained by volunteers. The park’s fields don’t drain well, and dandelions choke the grass on most of the fields. The buildings and facilities around the baseball fields are decades old and in desperate need of repair.

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune

Published Tuesday, February 27, 2013

Unless you have kids who play league athletics in Hillsborough County, you probably are not aware of the fact that 55 of the county’s 59 athletic parks are managed and maintained by volunteer groups.

Such is the case at Skyway Park.

Skyway is adjacent to the residential neighborhood of Dana Shores and is just west of the airport. It serves the youths of the Town ‘N Country area.

A nonprofit league, managed by a board of directors who are all volunteers, manages everything from field maintenance to cleaning the bathrooms and running the concessions. For its part, the county cuts the grass once a week, pays the water bill to keep the fields moist, and will take care of things such as a major plumbing problem if one arises.  Continue reading “Bathrooms and baseball”