Super funny (unless you’re Charlie Crist)

Listen to the funniest segment on the radio (at least last night) by clicking here: Then click on the “play” button for the segment titled “Charlie Crist.”

By Chris Ingram

Last night I had the privilege of interviewing Al Ruechel, local TV personality at Bay News 9, while I was guest-hosting “Florida Tonight” on AM 820 News/Tampa and AM 1190 News/Orlando. Usually Al is interviewing me on Bay News 9 where I serve as the Republican political analyst. Last night, I got to ask the questions.

Graphic: Toocan “Too-tan” Charlie Crist. (1988 archive photo prior to dating Katherine Harris)

Al was his normal self: calm, cool, and collected. All this, even though HE was the one being interviewed — which he is no doubt, not used to.

So we’re in the third segment of the show (Al was on for an hour), and we started talking about Florida’s version of a weathercock (yes, there is such a thing, click here) when the conversation turns to Continue reading “Super funny (unless you’re Charlie Crist)”

Paula Deen and Lil Wayne

At 60-plus years old, and from the South, the chances of her never having used the word are extremely unlikely. In a moment of perhaps too much honesty, Deen contemptuously replied, “Yes. Of course,” when asked if she had used the word. What’s important to understand, though, is – (Click here to read the full column in today’s Tampa Tribune)

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune, published June 27, 2013

Call me old school, but I’m more appalled at the lack of outrage over Lil Wayne walking all over the American flag during a recent concert than I am with what Paula Deen ever said.

I read the 150-plus pages of Deen’s deposition from a civil workplace harassment case. After reading the transcript, a few things became abundantly clear.

First and foremost, Deen is no doubt a good cook, who with a little luck and a lot of determination found great success.

That said, she’s no saint who is going to win the citizen of the year award any time soon. Deen appears to have a straightforward and no-nonsense demeanor when it is convenient, but overplays the “I’m just an overly busy, hands-off manager, and slightly ditzy former blonde,” card.

Despite her success with sponsorships, TV shows, book sales, and restaurants, she claims she doesn’t even know how to Continue reading “Paula Deen and Lil Wayne”

You may fleece, but you can’t hide

Instead, as WTSP Channel 10 investigative reporter Mike Deeson first reported in March, Grant’s company, LifeSync Technologies, received a $2.6 million sweetheart grant for economic development. The company made a proposal to Hardee County officials to create a cloud-based medical records company that would bring jobs to the county.


By Chris Ingram

With just three years of service in the state Legislature, Rep. Jamie Grant, R-Tampa, has already found himself embroiled in the middle of a questionable business deal.

Grant, 30, is a lawyer by training but has little real-world experience in the law or business. That didn’t stop Grant from seeing himself as a mini-Donald Trump who would apply the little knowledge he has in business from helping the good people of Hardee County, one of the poorest counties in the state, with economic development.

So far, so good. Members of the Legislature often support bills to help their constituents.

But Grant didn’t sponsor a bill, and the people of Hardee County are not his constituents – he represents voters in Hillsborough.

Instead, as WTSP Channel 10 investigative reporter Mike Deeson first reported in March, Grant’s company, LifeSync Technologies, received a $2.6 million sweetheart grant for economic development. The company made a proposal to Hardee County officials to create a cloud-based medical records company that would bring jobs to the county.  Continue reading “You may fleece, but you can’t hide”

The most important video you will ever watch

As the NSA and IRS scandals unfold, and as Obama-care makes the insurance companies richer, and the hard-working people who actually work and pay taxes poorer — so the Obama government can make more people dependent on government and thereby get Democrats reelected — I believe you will be as appalled as I am at the America we live in today. But take your partisan stripes off. As Barry Richards shows, the attack on individual freedoms is not limited to one party or the other. Both parties seek greater power by oppressing the Constitutional freedoms of every American regardless of race, creed, socioeconomic status, or religion.

By Chris Ingram

If you care about the Constitution, personal liberties and individual freedom, and are bothered by the fact that your government thinks it is okay for them to spy on you, listen to your phone calls and catalog your electronic activities, you must watch this video.

The video is of Barry Richard.  Richard is an attorney in Florida, who has been named “One of the 100 Most Influential Attorneys in America” by the National Law Journal. 

Additionally, his capabilities in the area of government and election law are illustrated by the broad, non-partisan nature of his representation. Most notably, a registered Democrat, he represented Continue reading “The most important video you will ever watch”

The facts about the IRS scandal

No one expects government to win any popularity contests, but if our country is to get beyond this IRS scandal – right the wrongs, restore some trust in government and solve problems facing the nation– Republicans and Democrats need to work together to uncover the facts, and a reluctant media needs to report the truth.

By John Wehrung
Fueled by an irrational paranoia over the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United coupled with a deep-seeded animosity towards their political ‘enemies,’ the Obama White House, it is becoming abundantly clear, was more involved than it had previously admitted with the unjust targeting of conservatives groups by the IRS.
In an unjustifiable process by the Obama IRS begun in 2009, the heavy hand of government has been misused to intimidate and disenfranchise voters in the last two elections and violate the free speech and voting rights of millions of Americans.
The dots are there; they just need to be connected in a fair way with politics kept to a minimum.
National Review reported that Lois Lerner, director of the Internal Revenue Service under fire for singling out conservative groups, sent letters to 15 such groups from March through April of 2012, which directly links the IRS targeting from the Cincinnati office back to Washington, D.C.
The Washington Post recently reported that from 2009-2011, the IRS delayed or denied all but three “tea party” applications, while in the same period it approved applications for 65 “progressive” groups – twenty times that of conservatives.
The Daily Caller analyzed the visitor’ log at the White House during the Tea Party targeting, which showed then IRS Chief Doug Shulman had twice as many White House meetings (118) than Continue reading “The facts about the IRS scandal”

Reflections by Florida’s senior Republican statesman

The “other side,” as Martinez refers to the Democrats, is very adept at playing politics with important issues. He points to the sequester as a prime example. Initiated by Democrats, they then turned around and pointed the finger at the Republican-controlled House of Representatives as being the villains for the forced spending cuts — which Martinez accurately points out are just cuts in the rate of growth, not really cuts in total spending, which continues to increase.

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune

After serving as mayor of Tampa for six years, Bob Martinez resigned to run for governor in 1986. The former Democrat became Florida’s first Republican governor in 16 years but lost his re-election bid four years later following the state’s controversial attempt at implementing a tax on services — a measure the Legislature passed but quickly repealed.

He later served for nearly two years as the nation’s “Drug Czar” under President George H.W. Bush. Since then, Martinez, who has always maintained residency in Tampa, has kept an active but mostly behind the scenes profile in Florida political circles.

I recently sat down with the former governor in the offices of the law firm where he works as a lobbyist to talk about his life in politics, his legacy and issues facing the Republican Party and the country.

We start out talking about the national political environment and the major issues facing our country — most notably the national debt and government spending.

“Since the federal government doesn’t have to balance the budget, they have the ability to just kick the can. Every time they kick the can, after a while voters stop listening,” he says.

Economic and budgetary issues are hard to explain, and are far removed from people’s lives — or so they think, Martinez says. Explaining them is “… complicated because there is no sound-bite answer.”

The “other side,” as Martinez refers to the Democrats, is very Continue reading “Reflections by Florida’s senior Republican statesman”