Unfit “tone and substance” for the Tampa Bay Times

One-sided journalism is propaganda, not journalism.

Editors note:  I submitted the following as my bi-monthly column submission to the Tampa Bay Times two weeks ago. The editor rejected the column saying it “does not fit in tone or substance.” I pointed out to the editor that the subject matter was in the ultra-liberal New York Times (and referenced in the column) days earlier. I further pointed out that the Tampa Bay Times has a regular columnist who frequently calls names, bashes Republicans and makes baseless claims, while my rejected column does none of that.

 mullet-wrapper_editedThe editor later said they would be running the New York Times piece in the Sunday opinion section, which they did.

Not surprisingly, subsequent to my rejected column with its “unfit tone and substance,” the Tampa Bay Times has run multiple front page stories and editorials on unproven allegations of sexual harassment against Donald Trump. 

Regardless, the Tampa Bay Times’ decision is an example of a today’s liberal media. They embrace thought-provoking differences of opinion — so long as those opinions are theirs, and they conform with the propaganda it calls journalism. I have notified the Tampa Bay Times‘ editor that I will no longer be writing for the paper. One-sided opinion is merely propaganda and is not something I wish to be associated with. Shame on me really, what should I have expected from a paper that in over 100 years of existence has never endorsed a Republican for president or governor of the state of Florida?

I have cancelled my subscription to the Tampa Bay Times. You can do so by calling this number: 1-800-888-7012.

Images were not included in column submission.

Here is the column: 

Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy

Last year, while addressing the press in Iowa, Hillary Clinton said, “Today I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault… don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we’re with you.”

But practicing what she preaches has never been Mrs. Clinton’s strong suit. As it relates to addressing sexual predators, she has taken a blind-eye to the one who is most front and center in her life: her husband Bill Clinton.

Out on the campaign trail, Donald Trump has tried to make an issue of Mr. Clinton’s behavior, but he is not making the connection as to why it is relevant in this year’s campaign for the White House.

The relevancy is not the fact that Mr. Clinton has been accused of rape (by Juanita Broderick and Eileen Wellstone), has engaged in what can only be characterized as workplace sexual harassment (in the cases of Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky), as well as groping (Kathleen Wiley, Christy Zercher, Sandra Allen James), not to mention claims of extramarital affairs; no, what is relevant is Mrs. Clinton’s behavior as it relates to her husband’s misogyny. Because she is right. Victims of sexual assault (and harassment), have the right to be heard, and the right to be believed.

But over the years, Mrs. Clinton has chosen to not help women who are victims of her husband’s assaults. Instead, she has vilified and denounced those women who have accused him of rape, abuse, and workplace harassment. She once referred to Flowers as a “bimbo” and “trailer park trash,” and referred to Lewinksy as a “narcissistic loony toon.” Her husband has admitted to relations with both women – both of whom were under his employ at the time of his mistreatment.

Imagine for a moment if a prominent Republican had been accused of rape, sexual harassment in the workplace, or had carried on with a young intern. No doubt, liberals, feminists, and Hillary Clinton would have certainly (and appropriately) condemned them, called for investigations, resignation, etc., and would have repeatedly reminded us that the victim was the woman.

Over the years, Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly had the chance to stand up for her husband’s victims, but she has done none of that. Instead, she has chosen to ignore what’s right for victims, in favor of what is best for her and her political aspirations by defending her husband and attacking the victims.


According to a report in the October 2, 2016 New York Times, “Outwardly, [Mrs. Clinton] remained stoic and defiant, defending her husband while a progression of women and well-funded conservative operatives accused Mr. Clinton of behavior unbecoming the leader of the free world.

But privately, she embraced the Clinton campaign’s aggressive strategy of counterattack: Women who claimed to have had sexual encounters with Mr. Clinton would become targets of digging and discrediting — tactics that women’s rights advocates frequently denounce.

The campaign hired a private investigator with a bare-knuckles reputation who embarked on a mission, as he put it in a memo, to impugn Ms. Flowers’s ‘character and veracity until she is destroyed beyond all recognition.’”bill-clintons-victims-2

While nothing Mrs. Clinton says is, in my opinion, credible, and her actions or inaction on sexual assault victims won’t change my vote, I am dumbfounded by the number of women who claim to be feminists who are willing to give Mrs. Clinton a pass.

Perhaps having blinders on and being in denial about Mrs. Clinton’s pathetic actions involving her husband’s misogynistic behavior makes it easier to cast a ballot for her; but it sends a terrible message to young and impressionable women who look up to Mrs. Clinton as role model.

“Don’t let anyone silence your voice,” she says. Unless that is, she is doing the silencing and the silence benefits her. Mrs. Clinton’s hypocrisy suggests she’s just fine with it remaining a man’s world.

Chris Ingram is a columnist, Republican political consultant, and political analyst for Bay News 9.

6 thoughts on “Unfit “tone and substance” for the Tampa Bay Times”

  1. Chris, just saw your post on FB. I couldn’t agree with you more. The TBT is biased and its days are numbered if it does not change its ways of censoring views. Cant believe they would not run your column yet they run the dribble of Dan Ruth which is what I think you were referring too. I wouldnnot invest in a newspaper if my life counted on it.Esp the Times!!!!


  2. Thanks for all the good work Chris. Although I didn’t always agree with your columns, I always read them in order to see both sides of the issues. Best wishes in all your future endeavors!
    James Noel


  3. Kudos to Chris for standing on principle and giving the rest of us an insider’s view of how biased the media is against Republicans, and is disinterested in an honest discussion.


  4. I am running for Sheriff of Pinellas County Florida, right here in Tampa Bay Times’ backyard. They endorse the current corrupt Sheriff Robert Gualtieri. Even though Sheriff Gualtieri had me falsely arrested less than two months after I informed Gualtieri I would run against him, TBT was silent about the false politically motivated arrest by the incumbent Sheriff of his only political opponent. Not one single word in print. When I proved that Sheriff Robert Gualtieri had illegally used a stingray tracking device without a warrant to ensure I would be arrests the day before the custody hearing in my divorce case so I would loose my daughter (whom Guatieri also had falsely arrested when she was only nine years old to anger me) TBT times wrote an article about Stingray usage, but failed to mention that I was a candidate for sheriff.

    When I was able to prove all of Sheriff Gualtieri’s lies in court and was granted 100% custody of my daughter WHILE I WAS IN JAIL (something never before accomplished in the state of Florida) the TBT was silent. When Sheriff Gualtieri used the Child Protection Investigation’s unit of the PCSO to falsely accuse me of horrific things to try and take my daughter from me to discredit me in my custody case, and this was also proven to be all lies in court, the TBT was again silent. When the judge in my case refused to even allow the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Child Protection unit to even testify because they were proven to be all lies against the Sheriff’s opponent, TBT was again silent.

    When all the charges were proven false and I documented that the Pinellas Sheriff’s office lied in both police reports and depositions to falsely convict me, TBT refused to run any story at all. When I announced that as Sheriff, I would end marijuana enforcement and not waste one more hour of a deputy’s time or one more single dollar of tax payer money on a war against a harmless plant that is really a war against the people of Pinellas, TBT refused to tell the people of Pinellas. Even though Medical Marijuana is a huge issue in this year’s election and no sheriff’s candidate has EVER taken that position, not one word from TBT.

    When I announced my plan to end policing for profit and eliminate 60% of the nuisance traffic citations that were used to extort money from the hardworking people of Pinellas County, not a word from the Tamp Bay Times. When I posted over 50 articles on my website mclynas4sheriff.com about the well documented corruption of Sheriff Gualtieri, including Gualtieri personally covering up murders by deputies, Sheriff Gualtieri protecting dirty cops and the 33 complaints against one deputy (Paul Martin) that was doing drugs, soliciting children for sex, prostitution, beating his ex wife, lying, perjury, multiple failed psych exams, etc. there was no coverage by the Tampa Bay times. The Tampa Bay times has not printed one single comment, report, opinion or story about my campaign for Sheriff keeping the fine people of the third largest county in Florida in the dark about who their choice is for Sheriff of Pinellas County which represents about half of all TBT’s circulation because they are backing the most dangerous sheriff in Florida.

    So yes, I concur, The Tampa Bay Times is not a valid news organization and should not be allowed to claim they are.

    James McLynas
    Candidate for Sheriff of Pinellas County Florida


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