Lessons Learned from Florida

(This column authored by Chris Ingram, originally appeared on FrontPage Florida, Jan. 30, 2007.)

Having had the national spotlight leading up to its elections last night, the Florida Presidential Preference Primary (and state property tax amendment) made some real winners, and confirmed a few losers.

Florida in general was of course a big winner having moved its Primary Election date up several weeks to January 29th giving the state and at least its Republican voters well-deserved national attention. The sunshine state can also be pleased in that there weren’t any major voting problems here in this state which has previously been known for serious cases of Electile Disfunction (both in who we elect and how we conduct elections). Continue reading “Lessons Learned from Florida”

As the Iowa Caucuses Loom, Who Will Emerge as the Democratic Nominee?

(This article authored by Chris Ingram originally appearred on December 31, 2007 on FrontPageFlorida.com)

An inside look at the Democrats running for president.

TAMPA — With less than a week to go before the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary to follow just days later, it’s a fitting time to assess the Democrat field of candidates running for president. You can read my assessment of the Republican field here. As with the GOP assessment, the candidates are listed alphabetically with their greatest claim to fame, my view of his or her strengths and weaknesses, and a short analysis. Continue reading “As the Iowa Caucuses Loom, Who Will Emerge as the Democratic Nominee?”

Who Won the CNN/YouTube Debate?

(This article authored by Chris Ingram, originally appeared December 2, 2007 on FrontPageFlorida.com)

TAMPA — Walking out of Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate, I asked my friend and fellow political consultant Jamie Miller who he thought won the debate. Jamie’s response was right on the money. “Mike Huckabee won,” he said. Adding, “though on paper John McCain probably looked just as good.” Jamie didn’t have to add that voters don’t read transcripts of debates, so the token “on paper” victory is meaningless for McCain’s struggling campaign. Continue reading “Who Won the CNN/YouTube Debate?”

An Inside Look at the Republican Candidates Running For President

(This column authored by Chris Ingram originally appeared in December 2007 on FrontPageFlorida.com)

Welcome to the Irreverent View, my new column appearing on FrontPageFlorida.com. The column will focus on political topics of interest to Floridians.

According to Dictionary.com “irreverent” means:

  1. Lacking or exhibiting a lack of reverence; disrespectful.
  2. Critical of what is generally accepted or respected; satirical: irreverent humor.

This column will be more of the latter than the former. I’ll only be disrespectful when an elected official or candidate disrespects the voters. That’s fair game. Continue reading “An Inside Look at the Republican Candidates Running For President”

Outside View: GOP fiscally suspect

(Column authored by Chris Ingram, originally published November 9, 2004 by United Press International)

Now that the election has passed and the candidates for president and congressional candidates from both parties have avoided talking about most of the critical issues facing United States, perhaps Congress and the president will work to address several looming crises.

The most over-spun but under-addressed issue is of course Social Security. Often called the “third rail” of U.S. politics, no candidates — Republican or Democrat — prior to the 2000 election showed the spine, will, or fortitude to tackle this Continue reading “Outside View: GOP fiscally suspect”

Democracy for Sudan

(An edited version of this article appeared in the Saturday, March 13, 2004 edition of the Washington Times, A Section commentary pages.)

By Chris Ingram

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Sudan on behalf of the International Republican Institute and the U.S. Department of State. I was asked to join a team visiting the country in order to help train leaders of the emerging democracy with their party governance and communications.

The people of Sudan have endured decades of civil war between various regimes in the North and those seeking liberty both in the South and in the western and eastern peripheries. Today, the hope for peace between the two main warring factions is closer than ever. Continue reading “Democracy for Sudan”

Memo to Howard Dean:

Memo to Howard Dean:
Forget Gore it’s all about Zell

(By Chris Ingram as published by GOPUSA.com, 2003)

Ten years ago, I was cursing Governor (now Senator) Zell Miller.

At the time, Miller was the governor of Georgia. He had given the nominating speech for Bill Clinton at the 1992 Democratic convention — where he uttered the line, “Bill Clinton is the only candidate who feels your pain” — and was viewed by many as a very partisan Democrat. Miller’s detractors called him “zig-zag-Zell” because he frequently changed his stance on tough issues. Continue reading “Memo to Howard Dean:”