Democracy for Sudan

(An edited version of this article appeared in the Saturday, March 13, 2004 edition of the Washington Times, A Section commentary pages.)

By Chris Ingram

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Sudan on behalf of the International Republican Institute and the U.S. Department of State. I was asked to join a team visiting the country in order to help train leaders of the emerging democracy with their party governance and communications.

The people of Sudan have endured decades of civil war between various regimes in the North and those seeking liberty both in the South and in the western and eastern peripheries. Today, the hope for peace between the two main warring factions is closer than ever. Continue reading “Democracy for Sudan”

Memo to Howard Dean:

Memo to Howard Dean:
Forget Gore it’s all about Zell

(By Chris Ingram as published by, 2003)

Ten years ago, I was cursing Governor (now Senator) Zell Miller.

At the time, Miller was the governor of Georgia. He had given the nominating speech for Bill Clinton at the 1992 Democratic convention — where he uttered the line, “Bill Clinton is the only candidate who feels your pain” — and was viewed by many as a very partisan Democrat. Miller’s detractors called him “zig-zag-Zell” because he frequently changed his stance on tough issues. Continue reading “Memo to Howard Dean:”

Bush bashing sells books

By CHRIS INGRAM, A UPI Outside View commentary

WASHINGTON, Oct. 21, 2003 (UPI) — Madeleine Albright is on a mission.

In the past few weeks she has circled the globe attacking the policies of the Bush Administration. Nothing President Bush has done is sacred from Albright’s scorn. The range of criticism spans from his leadership on the war in Iraq and efforts to fight global terrorism to U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba.

Continue reading “Bush bashing sells books”