Campaign Crawlers

Save for his time in public office in Tallahassee, Crist has lived most of his life in St. Petersburg, the largest city in Pinellas County. He represented Pinellas in the Florida Senate for six years in the nineties. But in a straw vote Monday night, members of the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee decided by a vote of 106 to 54 that they would rather conservative former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio run for a U.S. Senate seat from Florida than their own Charlie.

Rubio Rolls

By Larry Thornberry

CLEARWATER, Florida — Well OK, you can come home gain. But they don’t have to vote for you when you do. Moderate Florida Governor Charlie Crist learned this Monday night.

Save for his time in public office in Tallahassee, Crist has lived most of his life in St. Petersburg, the largest city in Pinellas County. He represented Pinellas in the Florida Senate for six years in the nineties. But in a straw vote Monday night, members of the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee decided by a vote of Continue reading “Campaign Crawlers”

Marco’s Long March

This election will tell us a lot about what Florida Republicans are all about. About what national Republicans are about as well. (Most of the national Republican muftis have lined up behind Crist.) The race has been described in several quarters as “a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.” It will also demonstrate whether a slow but relentless retail ground-game with limited media can succeed in a large state against a well-financed candidate the establishment is firmly behind.

Challenging the GOP’s establishment liberal wing won’t be easy

By Larry Thornberry

TAMPA — The race for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate seat Mel Martinez is not seeking re-election to in 2010 — which pits liberal Florida Governor Charlie Crist against conservative former Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio — is not exactly heating up. But it’s taking shape. There’s good and bad news for the right. Continue reading “Marco’s Long March”

Does the G.O.P. Wear a Thinking Cap or a Dunce Cap?

It’s easy to see why conservatives are frustrated. Maybe that’s why they threw tea bags at the White House instead of discussing a platform on taxation. But this kind of erratic, pundit-driven development simply doesn’t work. Over the next five weeks, Congress stands poised to tackle climate change, health care, and a Supreme Court nomination. The minority won’t technically win any of these fights, so they really only have one viable option: go back to the drafting table and start working. (Either that or start a betting ring on who’ll go crazy next.)

Actually, what the party needs are fewer spotlights and more desk lamps

By Kelsey Stapler

There are some who believe those in high office should be held to a higher standard. Given recent events, however, Republican voters might just settle for officials to stay within the margins of polite society. Conservatives’ resignation (or worse, denial) in the face of political falling stars threatens to become the GOP’s next biggest problem.

Of course, politicians are human. They screw up, have affairs, quit their jobs early, and fly to Argentina just like the rest of us. But the bizarre antics of Ensign, Sanford, Palin, and others are also vintage examples of image trumping intelligence. Continue reading “Does the G.O.P. Wear a Thinking Cap or a Dunce Cap?”

Chambliss is Pimping for Charlie

In short, back-slappin’ Charlie has been a terrible governor and would make an even worse U.S. Senator – although at least in the senate he would only be one of 100 and arguably would do far greater damage than as governor.

Chris Ingram lets Sen. Chambliss know what he thinks about Crist

An Open Letter to Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA):

Dear Senator:

We have known each other for many years, and I have always admired your conservative values and principles.

However, due to your recent endorsement of Charlie Crist in the open Florida U.S. Senate seat which is a contested race among more than one Republican (including Marco Rubio), I now doubt your sincerity for honest and fair elections, not to mention good leadership and responsible government. Continue reading “Chambliss is Pimping for Charlie”

Not all in the Senate are drinking the RNCs Kool-aid

There is no question Marco Rubio will be a big part of the Republican Party’s future, but I believe if we are to defeat the forces of Big Government now controlling Washington, Marco Rubio needs to be a big part of the Republican Party’s present. He has the skills and ideas we need to rebuild our party, reform our government, and renew our nation.

Irreverent View received the following from U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Once there was a poor farmer who wanted to become fabulously rich in the diamond trade. He deserted his farmland and traveled the world looking for diamonds until he was too old to look anymore. He returned home penniless, only to discover that the fields around his home were thick with flawless diamonds as big as your fist.

The poor guy’s fortune had been right under his nose, but he had wasted his whole life looking everywhere but in his own backyard. Continue reading “Not all in the Senate are drinking the RNCs Kool-aid”

Rubio offers Principled Leadership

As hurricane season opened earlier this month, Crist cautioned Floridians to be “prepared and to keep our homes and families safe.” Ironically he said that “as he prepares” to veto the free market insurance deregulation bill which will send our insurance carriers packing, leaving over 2 million Floridians without policies or protection on their homes. As a man who’s never owned a home, it makes you wonder if the governor understands this.

Crist offers half-baked populism

By Nancy Peek McGowan

As the Florida U.S. Senate race takes off,  voters should take note of rising star Marco Rubio, (R) Miami, as the “Mine That Bird” candidate not to be underestimated.
Rubio served in the Florida legislature for 8 years rising to become the youngest Speaker of the House at age 35. He is a principled focused conservative like his mentor, Gov. Jeb Bush. 
Born in Miami to parents who fled Cuba in the 50’s, Rubio is a fresh young face and dynamic speaker. He’s intelligent and impassioned, but more importantly he possesses the leadership skills and vision to provide solutions to the serious issues confronting us. Continue reading “Rubio offers Principled Leadership”

Rush is Wrong

Defense of Fed-ex is misguided

By Chuck Muth

Folks claiming that talk-show host Rush Limbaugh speaks for conservatives are off the mark.  Rush speaks TO conservatives, not FOR them.  And he speaks to them in their own language, which is why he has such a gigantic listening audience.  And because he has such a gigantic listening audience of conservatives, it is especially important for other conservatives to step forward and set the record straight on those rare occasions when Rush gets one wrong.

So it is with Limbaugh’s recent criticism of a bill which would change the way FedEx Express receives special treatment under the nation’s labor laws.  Claims by FedEx to the contrary, this bill isn’t a “bailout” for UPS so much as it’s an elimination of a corporate welfare subsidy for FedEx.  But first, let me stipulate two points: Continue reading “Rush is Wrong”