Jon Huntsman’s path to victory

With his upbeat attitude and serious focus on the issues, Huntsman makes a convincing case for his candidacy. Until now, he has been largely dismissed by both pundits and party activists – the latter whom wrongly conclude Huntsman is a moderate.

And a few things his opponents would rather you forget

By Chris Ingram

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman was in Florida yesterday. A light day of campaigning was preceded by a coveted appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press in which Huntsman raised the issue of GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney’s electability and his repeated flip-flops.

Photo: Jon Huntsman (center) speaks with supporters Linda and Gerald Albrecht of Tampa.


Following his TV appearance, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric (who is not currently supporting anyone in the presidential contest) Tweeted, “Wow! Huntsman performance MTP (Meet the Press) very impressive. Thoughful and Presidential. Better 1on1 than debate. Deserves a second look”

From CEO’s like Welch to the few everyday Americans who are actually paying attention to the race, voters are still looking for a believable leader who lacks the baggage of candidates like Caine and Gingrich and the poll-tested and plastic nature of Mitt Romney. Huntsman may be the answer, but a lot of stars will have to line up in a row for Huntsman to become the nominee.

Live free or die

Metaphorically speaking, Huntsman has Continue reading “Jon Huntsman’s path to victory”