Our First Ever Racy/Sexy Media List

The fact that you’re even here proves the accuracy of the old adage “there’s a sucker born every minute.” Showman P.T. Barnum said it first of the throngs that spent millions of dollars on the fake curiosities he rolled out in the late 1800s – like the Cardiff Giant and the Feejee mermaid, which had the tail of a fish and the head of a monkey.

Cameras and cleavage

An irreverent look at sex and the media culture

By Victor Epstein

See racy photos and our first annual “shame on you” list. Continue reading “Our First Ever Racy/Sexy Media List”

Does the G.O.P. Wear a Thinking Cap or a Dunce Cap?

It’s easy to see why conservatives are frustrated. Maybe that’s why they threw tea bags at the White House instead of discussing a platform on taxation. But this kind of erratic, pundit-driven development simply doesn’t work. Over the next five weeks, Congress stands poised to tackle climate change, health care, and a Supreme Court nomination. The minority won’t technically win any of these fights, so they really only have one viable option: go back to the drafting table and start working. (Either that or start a betting ring on who’ll go crazy next.)

Actually, what the party needs are fewer spotlights and more desk lamps

By Kelsey Stapler

There are some who believe those in high office should be held to a higher standard. Given recent events, however, Republican voters might just settle for officials to stay within the margins of polite society. Conservatives’ resignation (or worse, denial) in the face of political falling stars threatens to become the GOP’s next biggest problem.

Of course, politicians are human. They screw up, have affairs, quit their jobs early, and fly to Argentina just like the rest of us. But the bizarre antics of Ensign, Sanford, Palin, and others are also vintage examples of image trumping intelligence. Continue reading “Does the G.O.P. Wear a Thinking Cap or a Dunce Cap?”

Advice for John McCain

Obama says he is for change, but swing voters are not convinced that he stands for the type of change they want. I suspect that many believe the change Obama brings to the future will not be based on the values of our past. Values like capitalism, free enterprise, the ability to work hard and honest to get ahead while also embracing new technologies that will make us better in the future. You show voters that his change is not good for America.

There’s still hope if you get your act together

By Jamie Miller

I’m often asked by friends, colleagues or members of the press to tell them what advice I would give if I were involved with Sen. McCain’s campaign.

Here is what I would tell McCain.

First, with 28 days until Election Day, all is not lost. The economy is bad, the debates were bad and the campaign has been bad. The good news is, you are running against an opponent who has still not made the sale to the American people. Continue reading “Advice for John McCain”