Mark Sharpe is a Reagan Republican

Leadership is about providing what we need, not just what we want

By Chris Ingram

On Friday of last week, Josh Burgin qualified to run against Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe for the at-large seat Sharpe has held for the last six years.

Burgin, who is a nice guy whom I consider a friendly acquaintance made a calculated move based on the assumption that Sharpe is vulnerable for two reasons: 1) because Sharpe has been a strong advocate for the local option transportation improvement penny sales tax; and, 2) because Sharpe is an incumbent in a year when voters appear to be very anti-incumbent.

So now this nice fella’ Josh wants to represent us on the commission. Great! We need more young people with fresh ideas. But Burgin, who is 34 years old, isn’t ready for primetime. His life experiences include Continue reading “Mark Sharpe is a Reagan Republican”