(Almost) Parallel Lives with John McCain

Former U.S. Senate candidate Adm. LeRoy Collins reflects on John McCain’s transformation from Navy officer to politician beginning with a posting as Navy liaison to the U.S. Senate

Irreverent View: You and John McCain both served as Navy liaison to the U.S. Senate. Did that pique your interest in a career in politics?

It was of special interest because my friend, Navy Captain, and a fellow submariner, Jim High, preceded John McCain in this Navy Liaison Officer billet in the Russell Senate Office Building; as a Navy Reserve Commander, I was in that job for two weeks in 1976…..less than a year before John McCain arrived. That job had a similar stimulus to me, but alas, I was not able to convert it into political success like Commander McCain did. Continue reading “(Almost) Parallel Lives with John McCain”

Happy Birthday, Earth Day; You’re On Your Own

The nation that invented the atom bomb to end World War II could take on global climate change with the same kind of drive and innovation

By Elan Barnehama

I’m thinking that President Bush had the annual celebration of Earth Day in mind when he announced last week that the U.S. strategy for tackling global warming was to pretty much do nothing for the next dozen years. It could be that he was reacting to the news that China has overtaken the United States as the world’s leader in carbon emission. I mean, really, how many more setbacks can one administration take? Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Earth Day; You’re On Your Own”