Local Republicans have say in state GOP leadership races

Steve Simon and Hoe Brown represent an opportunity for some fresh voices, new ideas, and people with real-world experience to serve on the much maligned Republican Party of Florida’s state committee.

Irreverent View endorses Hoe Brown and Steve Simon for state committee

By Chris Ingram

With so many high-profile contested races on the GOP primary ballot, local Republicans may have a hard time figuring out whom to vote for in the lower-profile races that don’t get much money or media attention.

Way down on the ballot, Republicans in every Florida county have the opportunity to vote for two state committee members who will represent their county at the Republican Party of Florida. The position carries no government authority and is unpaid.

If your ballot is similar to mine, the state committee position may be on the back page of the ballot, and if you don’t know to look for it, you might miss it.

The position of state committeeman/woman is important in as much as Continue reading “Local Republicans have say in state GOP leadership races”