Why the G.O.P. will continue to lose elections

Until the G.O.P. learns that the message comes before the messenger, and that the messenger shouldn’t be some career politician whose “turn it is” to be the next candidate for (fill in the blank), the party will continue to lose elections. Here in Florida, that is exactly what the party is doing in the case of the U.S. Senate campaign (anointing Charlie Crist because he’s the boss), and the gubernatorial race (it’s Bill McCollum’s turn).

And the Democrats have nothing to do with it

By Chris Ingram

I just got back from the Tiger Bay Club meeting in Tampa, Florida. The club invites politicians to come and speak, and then gives an award to the club member who asks the toughest question of the day’s guest politicos. The lineup today included three members of the Florida legislature. I won’t bore you with who they were as two of them don’t deserve the attention and the other probably doesn’t want it.

But one of them was a four-term member of the Florida House, who facing term limits, now feels compelled to run for the state senate. He’s a Republican. I’ll call him “Rep. Rambler.” During his opening remarks Rep. Rambler commented about how serving in the legislature is all about building relationships, finding consensus, and working with people. He should have just ‘fessed up and admitted if you want a plum committee assignment you better do what the party bosses tell you.

Rambler went on to say how proud he was that this year the state legislature cut over a billion dollars worth of services that “you won’t even feel” because it was wasteful, and duplicative services that were cut. Kudus to you Rep. Rambler. What I want to know is, why does it take a budget shortfall for you and your fellow cronies to look at the budget and start cutting wasteful and duplicative services?

And if you don’t think Rep. Rambler is “in” with the party bosses, consider this. He spent ten arduous minutes defending the indicted former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Mr. Ray Samson. He even admitted they used to be roommates as though that somehow makes him a good guy. Talk about out of touch…

Anyhow, this clown of a Republican legislator (Rambler that is) and the rest of the Republicans in the Florida legislature as a whole are not unique. Most every legislative body in America suffers from the same problem, and the U.S. Congress is the leader of the pack of wasteful spending Republicans who tell you with a straight face they’re fiscal conservatives. At least the big-government/wasteful spending Democrats are honest about wanting to tax and spend you to death. Continue reading “Why the G.O.P. will continue to lose elections”

Happy Birthday, Earth Day; You’re On Your Own

The nation that invented the atom bomb to end World War II could take on global climate change with the same kind of drive and innovation

By Elan Barnehama

I’m thinking that President Bush had the annual celebration of Earth Day in mind when he announced last week that the U.S. strategy for tackling global warming was to pretty much do nothing for the next dozen years. It could be that he was reacting to the news that China has overtaken the United States as the world’s leader in carbon emission. I mean, really, how many more setbacks can one administration take? Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Earth Day; You’re On Your Own”