Schorsch plays loose with the facts

I spoke to Speaker Weatherford today and here is what he said about Schorsch, “He is not on my payroll. All we have ever done is paid for ads on his website. He’s never been a consultant for me. Ever.”

Speaker Weatherford on Peter Schorsch: “He’s never been a consultant for me. Ever.”

By Chris Ingram

Friday kudos to the Republican Party of Florida’s Communications Director, Matt Moon for calling a spade a spade.

I am referring to the RPOF’s Memo of today to national media outlets warning them of the dangers of dealing with, or taking “as credible” anything that rolls out of the cave of one Peter D. Schorsch. Schorsch of course is the blowhard blogger who fancies himself as a journalist when it is convenient, and claims he is not a journalist when it is not. Publisher of the website St.Petersblog, his ego generally arrives about 30 minutes before he does. Schorsch it has also been well documented by multiple media outlets plays loose with the facts, typically ends up being the story for people whom he consults for and has a lengthy criminal background (including Grand Theft, Scheme to Defraud). Bottom line is, he is bad news from his head to his toes.

Pictured: Peter Schorsch. Photo courtesy of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.


Several political candidates and elected officials have told me over the years they advertise on his site because their consultants have said if you do, Schorsch is less likely to write nasty things about you. This is apparently a heck of a way to make a living which Schorsch is fond of bragging about.

So today, the RPOF took on Schorsch with a memo (see below). In response to the memo, and once he got over being excited when he realized he would “be the news” again, Schorsch published on St. Petersblog the following: Continue reading “Schorsch plays loose with the facts”

Almost feeling sorry for Jim Greer

The fact that Jim Greer pleaded guilty Monday to grand theft and money laundering (a fraud charge was dropped), has the Republican Party of Florida and many current and former elected Republicans, as well as former Gov. Charlie Crist (who is now a Democrat) breathing a sigh of relief.

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune

Published Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The fact that Jim Greer pleaded guilty Monday to grand theft and money laundering (a fraud charge was dropped), has the Republican Party of Florida and many current and former elected Republicans, as well as former Gov. Charlie Crist (who is now a Democrat) breathing a sigh of relief.

Whether those officials had anything to worry about or not, we may never know. But they are doubtlessly happy that Greer’s trial — which was bound to have a circus-like atmosphere — will not take place. Had the trial occurred, Greer — the former party chairman whose oversized frame competed with his oversized ego — had promised lots of dirt on a who’s who of Florida politics, including Crist, former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, former Republican Party of Florida Chairman John Thrasher, former Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, former Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos and House Speaker Will Weatherford.

Photo: Jim Greer cuts up his RPOF Amex. card.

The subject matter during the trial was certain to include Greer’s claims that party leaders were aware of Continue reading “Almost feeling sorry for Jim Greer”

Rick Scott’s two Charlies

For students of politics, it will be easy to tell very soon just how busy Gov. Scott’s pollster has been. After all, he has a nice, cushy job, but in order to keep it, he needs to keep the boss happy. In other words, he needs to get Scott’s poll numbers up — and fast.

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune

Published Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If Charles Manson showed up at your door and offered you a free box of Girl Scout cookies, would it make you forget about his evil ways?

If you were a public school teacher who hasn’t had a pay raise in years, and Gov. Rick Scott offered you a $2,500 pay raise (merit pay be damned), would it make you forget that he cut  more than a billion dollars in the state’s education budget his first year in office and indirectly cut your take-home pay by 3 percent?

If you were a member of the Florida Legislature who sees himself as a team-playing, collaborative kind of guy who likes to plan spending and budgets, and things like pay raises for teachers, would it bother you that you learned of the governor’s $2,500 pay-raise-for-teachers plan by reading about it in the paper?

If you were a police officer or firefighter and learned that if you were to become permanently disabled on the job, you wouldn’t receive a dime in pension disability payments under proposed changes to the GOP’s pension reform plan, would you respond to a burglary  or fire at Scott’s mansion in Naples?

If you were a dog and Scott adopted you, would you Continue reading “Rick Scott’s two Charlies”

GOP primary purgatory, Charlie’s hug, charming Charm

During Putnam’s welcoming remarks, he referred to the two state delegations as “partners in primary purgatory” for their far-flung hotel location. Both states were penalized by the Republican National Committee for presidential primary calendar changes the party bosses in D.C. didn’t like. The distant hotel was one of many punishments.

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune

Published Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It is a painfully long trip from the Forum and all the RNC festivities in Tampa to where the Florida and South Carolina delegations are staying at the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor. The fact that it’s such a long haul isn’t lost on the Florida delegation, many of whom were griping about the “70s décor” and architecture at the resort, as well as the travel time to downtown.

On Monday, the two delegations had a joint breakfast gathering called “Fresh Squeezed Florida,” sponsored by Florida’s agriculture commissioner, Adam Putnam, Tropicana Co. and other Florida agricultural interests. That’s how these things work — smart delegates don’t pay for much other than their rooms while they’re at the convention.

Before giving the invocation, incoming Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford quipped about Charlie Crist’s recent endorsement of Barack Obama. Of Crist he said, Continue reading “GOP primary purgatory, Charlie’s hug, charming Charm”